What is Molecular Hydrogen®?

Molecular Hydrogen® is the smallest molecule in the universe. It is extremely small in size and highly soluble in lipids; this allows it to easily penetrate into the sub-cellular parts of mitochondria (engine room of the biologic system cells) and other locations throughout the body.

„ “Its effect on the regeneration of the body is almost miraculous, which I also observed when treating cancer patients. Medicine, yet alone the public, has not yet come to recognise it.“

PharmDr. Milan Krajíček

It is the strongest antioxidant, immediately eliminating free radicals and acidic metabolites (e.g. lactic acid). It thus protects the cells of the human body.

It may be another breakthrough in biomedicine, with more than 300 studies published in the last decade suggesting the beneficial effects of this new agent.

“Hydrogen has a great potential to act as a new and innovative therapeutic tool, especially in cases where modern medicine is unable to help with serious health problems”.

Huang et al., 2010

It currently holds leading positions in the field of medical research. According to the latest scientific studies, it may positively contribute to eliminating numerous health problems.

“The collection and interpretation of unbiased data using an evidence-based approach is a must in providing the best guidance when deciding on the use of hydrogen for maintaining health and treating diseases.”

Profesor Sergej M. Ostojic, MD, PhD.