Welcome to the online store of H2 Global Group, which offers products from its subsidiaries H2 Medical and H2 Pharm.

We are a world leader and pioneer in hydrogen technology for the healthcare, spa, wellness and beauty, agriculture and animal husbandry industries. Our Group benefits from the long-standing experience of its subsidiaries and partner organizations that focus on these key sectors. The Group's activities are in the fields of medicine (medical gases and medical devices), biomedicine, biotechnology, biochemistry, cosmetics and food (nutrition).

In 2023, our team was joined by world-renowned Japanese scientist and father of biomedicine Prof. Shigeo Ohta, Ph.D., who brings 60 years of development and research from Japan supported by more than 2,000 published articles on hydrogen therapy. H2 Global Group has thus become the holder of several worldwide patents. Our goal is to incorporate molecular hydrogen as an active substance into the daily lives of people, as well as the corporate and medical spheres, following the Japanese model where molecular hydrogen in the form of inhalation therapy and enriched water is already approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a medical device for use in health care. In the hands of experts, it can therefore help acutely, for example in resuscitations, and also in the treatment of various chronic diseases.

Our companies provide the entire product process. From the research to the closing of the box. Our products have patented technology, are safe and of the highest quality. See for yourself. Thank you for your trust and feedback.