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H2 World's discounted packages provide a unique opportunity to get high quality products using molecular hydrogen at discounted prices. These packages are carefully crafted to provide a comprehensive solution for body care, oral hygiene or health and vitality support with the help of molecular hydrogen.

The range includes a variety of product combinations, from dietary supplements, to body and dental care, to innovative hydrogen generators, allowing customers to choose the package that best suits their needs and lifestyle. Take advantage of convenient packages and discover how molecular hydrogen can contribute to your daily health and beauty routine.


Hydrogen bottle 2+1 FREE(Molecular Hydrogen® generator) 3 in 1

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Advantages of the 3in1 Hydrogen Bottle

Turn every sip of water into a path to vitality! With our innovative device, you get water enriched with molecular hydrogen that opens up new possibilities for your well-being. Discover how water can go beyond ordinary hydration and become a daily source of revitalisation.

Get not only refreshment, but also exceptional enrichment with a concentration of up to 1.56 ppm. Our technology offers you the opportunity to experience water on a whole new level.
Discounted set of 3 hydrogen bottles

✔ Up to 50 minutes of stable hydrogen production, H2 flow rate 8 ml/min
✔ 3in1 combination - hydrogen water production in a container or PET bottle and inhalation
✔ Mobile Molecular Hydrogen® generator and inhaler for travel use
✔ Suitable as a commodity also for secondary sales in the B2C segment
✔ container made of durable borosilicate glass
✔ Blue LED backlight

In addition, with the applicators included in the package you expand your options by inhaling pure hydrogen gas, bringing an extra dimension to your well-being.

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Hydrogen Bottle Discounted Set (Molecular Hydrogen® Generator) 3in1

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3 pieces Hydrogen bottles on special offer. Enter the color variants in the "Note to order" field at the end of the order.

Mobile smart generator of hydrogen water saturated with Molecular Hydrogen® for health, beauty and longevity in combination 3in1.

1. Carbonation of water in the original container
2. Water carbonation using a regular PET bottle
3. Inhalation using the original attachment

• Theoretical hydrogen concentration up to 5000 ppb
• Realistically achievable 1560 ppb per 1l at a temperature of 4-95°C
• Fast fresh hydrogen water in 5 minutes
• Molecular hydrogen® with 99.99% purity
• Patented technology
• USB-C charging

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What is Molecular Hydrogen®?

What is Molecular Hydrogen®?

Molecular Hydrogen® is the smallest molecule in the universe. It is extremely small in size and highly soluble in lipids; this allows it to easily penetrate into the sub-cellular parts of mitochondria (engine room of the biologic system cells) and other locations throughout the body.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is molecular hydrogen? What can molecular hydrogen do? Is it a natural product? Does it have any side effects? Does it really work? Isn’t it just another advertising trend?