H2 Applicators

Wellness massage glasses using molecular hydrogen


Use of the product:
1. Humidification, physical therapy with warm and cold massage for dry eyes, pain and other unpleasant symptoms caused by dry eye syndrome.
2. Promotes blood circulation around the eyes, reduces dark circles and dry lines around the eyes.
3. Prevention and control of childhood pseudomyopia (eye fatigue).
4. The hydrogen eye massager is an important addition to dry eye treatment procedures in hospitals and spas.

For all:
This product is suitable for young students, people who use electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers, patients with dry eye syndrome and visual fatigue, including white-collar workers, overtime workers, the elderly and other family members.

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H2 Applicator - infuser for foot bath


This applicator creates an ionic field in the water. Positive or negative ions are generated into the water and absorbed through the feet into your bloodstream. In the body, ions bind to toxins. Toxins are then washed out through the skin on the feet into the water. Washed toxins are often visible and are manifested by a change in color in the water.

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