H2 Applicator - infuser for foot bath

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This applicator creates an ionic field in the water. Positive or negative ions are generated into the water and absorbed through the feet into your bloodstream. In the body, ions bind to toxins. Toxins are then washed out through the skin on the feet into the water. Washed toxins are often visible and are manifested by a change in color in the water. More

How to use the applicator:

Open the package, take out the H2 applicator - infuser with a 1.4 m long connection cable. Connect the end of the connection cable to the H2 outlet of the ion field purification of the H2 multifunction molecular hydrogen generator. Prepare a foot bath tub with hot (warm) water. Insert the H2 applicator - infuser into the water in the tub. After the above-mentioned preparation of the H2 applicator - infuser for use, it is possible to start with the application intended for the detoxification bath of the feet using an ion cleaning field with the help of the H2 applicator - infuser of the multifunctional hydrogen generator 6in1 (turn on the molecular hydrogen generator).

Warning: This is a non-sterile single client product. After use, dry the H2 infuser with a dry cloth and store.

This infuser is only compatible with the device: Multifunctional Hydrogen Inhaler i300 MHG 6in1 Wellness Generator