H2 Medical wooden BOX

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H2 Pharm

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We present you our unique multi-purpose locking wooden BOX for safe carrying and storage of our H2 Generators i300 and i600. Thanks to our unique design solution, you can also use this wooden gem as a decoration in your home or workplace. More

H2 Medical wooden Box is divided by a partition. The left side of the box is practically padded so that the device is as safe as possible from possible impacts and external influences.

The right side of the box is used to store the power cable, H2 Applicators and also our H2 products.

H2 Medical wooden Boxes for H2 generators and inhalers from the Beskydy Mountains.

 We cooperate with the sheltered workshop T-WOOD s.r.o., which produces wooden boxes and packaging for our products.

People from this workshop are further involved in the process of packaging our products.

We thus support the integration of the disabled into society in the region.