H2 Nano Bubble Generator (Hydrogen Power)

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H2 Medical

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High-pressure hydrogen generator with Nano modern cutting-edge technology to exploit the biological effect of hydrogen (hydrogen molecules) during a warm bath. This product can be used to wash hair, face, bath and feet. More

This device was developed based on the theories and principles of molecular hydrogen biology, electrochemistry, electrolytic iontophoresis, physics and thermal effect. When it is started, water from the bath flows into it through a supply pipe and a large group of water molecules is vibrated and broken into smaller groups as it passes through the quantized pipe. At the same time, hydrogen is rapidly produced in it (hydrogen molecules) and is fully mixed with the high pressure of small hydrogen molecules.In the bath, dense bubbles spread like milk. When a person's skin is soaked in the bath, the hydrogen carried by the water molecules is continuously transferred to the surface of the skin, penetrating the skin cells and promoting microcirculation of the blood.