H2 SPA Hydrogen bath with door + GRATIS SMART LED TV 32" SAMSUNG

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H2 Medical

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A professional hydrogen treatment solution suitable for spas, medical facilities and hotels with medical facilities. However, it can also be used in the modern household. Treat yourself to a hot hydrogen bath in a device that has no analogues on the market. The concentration of molecular hydrogen can be as high as 1200 PPB (1.2 PPM) depending on the water quality. The ORP value can reach up to -450 mV. GRATIS SMART LED TV 32" SAMSUNG (SMART LED, 81cm, Full HD, HLG, DVB-T2/C, H.265/HEVC, 2× HDMI, 1× USB, CI+, LAN, WiFi, DLNA, HbbTV 2.0, Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Apple TV, Tizen, VESA 100×100, repro 10W, Dolby Digital Plus, GAME MODE) More

Our new SPA hydrogen bath with a door enables the gentle antioxidant effect of molecular hydrogen on the skin surface of your entire body. The optimal effect of hydrogen is achieved by saturating hydrogen with nano bubbles through the hydrogen holes into the water in the bath from the nano bubble blower of your hydrogen bath. Hydrogen is created in the electrolyzer of the generator by the electrolysis (decomposition) of purified water.

  • Model: CA 0-4
  • Nominal voltage: 240 V
  • Nominal power: 1.3 kW
  • Water inlet pressure: Bar 3.3
  • Usable water temperature: Max up to 48 °C
  • Device dimensions (without water outlet tube): height 1130mm x width 1100mm x depth 750mm
  • Device weight (including packaging): 110 kg

The device complies with all EU legislation for its safe operation and use by the user, and has been issued with an EC Declaration of Conformity. All information required for safe operation of the device is given in the user manual. Use your SPA hydrogen bath to your satisfaction and health.