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H2 Medical

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Mobile smart hydrogen water generator for health, beauty and longevity. World novelty only in our country!!!

• Designed for the production of hydrogen water in a commonly available PET bottle
• Theoretical hydrogen concentration up to 5000 ppb
• Realistically achievable 1560 ppb per 1l at a temperature of 4-95°C
• Molecular hydrogen® with a purity of 99.99%
• Patented technology
• Fast fresh hydrogen water (3 min)
• Small device size (5 cm)
• USB-C charging More

You can always have the mobile smart hydrogen water generator with you anytime and anywhere. Fits in your pocket, purse, or car compartment. Suitable for work, travel, children at school or for home use.

Easy to apply, just screw on a regular PET water bottle and let it saturate with® molecular hydrogen within 3 minutes. Simplicity is appreciated by children and seniors and is therefore an ideal gift for all ages.

Ensure a daily drinking regime with water enriched with molecular hydrogen® for its exceptional effects on the human body.

CE CERTIFICATE: The product meets EU legislative requirements in accordance with the New Approach Directives in terms of safety, health and environmental requirements.

Drink hydrogen water every day to stay healthy

A major discovery in human health technology is that hydrogen molecules are powerful antioxidants. Drinking hydrogen water every day can effectively remove harmful active oxygen in human cells and may have effects on malnutrition prevention, weight loss and beauty.

Drink hydrogen water for adequate sleep

When you drink hydrogen water every day, hydrogen molecules can quickly penetrate the cell channel and promote cell detoxification and regeneration.

Drinking hydrogen water to increase work performance

Hydrogen molecules selectively attack reactive oxygen species that are harmful to the human body. Drinking hydrogen water during work relieves fatigue and helps improve work performance.

Exercise with drinking hydrogen-rich water

It acts against fatigue and reduces the level of lactic acid in the blood, improves sports performance, increases sports endurance and helps athletes to restore their physical strength as soon as possible.

Use hydrogen-rich water to wash your face and brush your teeth

Hydrogen molecules effectively relieve the oxidation of the body, slow down aging, promote the regeneration of damaged tissues and improve oral health.

Get up and drink hydrogen water to stay fully hydrated

Hydrogen molecules can quickly penetrate the body and expel intestinal toxins, replenishing the body with the necessary water.

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