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H2 Medical

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Mobile smart generator of hydrogen water saturated with Molecular Hydrogen® for health, beauty and longevity in combination 3in1.

1. Carbonation of water in the original container
2. Water carbonation using a regular PET bottle
3. Inhalation using the original attachment

• Theoretical hydrogen concentration up to 5000 ppb
• Realistically achievable 1560 ppb per 1l at a temperature of 4-95°C
• Fast fresh hydrogen water in 5 minutes
• Molecular hydrogen® with 99.99% purity
• Patented technology
• USB-C charging More

Volume: 200 ml
Weight: 320 g
Color: gold, pink, blue
Material: membrane - cathode, anode (titanium-platinum layer)
Packaging: white paper box
Possibility of use: water saturation in the container, water saturation using a classic PET bottle, inhalation
Dimensions: diameter 64.4 mm, height 213 mm
Battery: Polymer lithium battery (8.14 Wh capacity)
Membrane: DuPont PEM / SPE, patented technology

Get antioxidants in the right amount every day. One solution is to drink water enriched with Molecular hydrogen® , it is the most powerful antioxidant, acts selectively, is easy to apply. This option is affordable for everyone. It has an additional effect in the detoxification process. By drinking antioxidant water rich in molecular hydrogen produced in a hydrogen® bottle, you ensure a daily supply of beneficial antioxidants.

It is recommended to drink the water as soon as possible after the end of the electrolysis process. Prepare fresh water. You can use ordinary tap or bottled water. This device uses the method of separate generation of hydrogen and oxygen in the form of electrolysis of water, while ensuring a high concentration of H2 dissolved in water. Strong performance and its extensive practicality of use also make this bottle an ideal gift for your loved ones.

CE CERTIFICATE: The product meets EU legislative requirements in accordance with the New Approach Directives in terms of safety, health and environmental requirements.

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